Help! Need BAD wedding DJ warning signs

Ladies, please help! I am in full research mode for my upcoming wedding in Macomb County and one of my biggest fears is having an empty dance floor and just a down right horrible wedding DJ. I am trying to find a reliable person or business.

But rather that hearing about the 'best' -- I want to weed out the worst, first. Do any of you ladies have any horror stories so I know what red flags to look out for? What went wrong? I just want to make sure I stay away from the right people!

THANK YOU in advance!

- Laur

Re: Help! Need BAD wedding DJ warning signs

  • We had an issue with DJ Crashers.  We didn't hire them so they may do good work but we met with them and then when I went to sign with them they told me they couldn't guarantee my date because it was too far out.  I didn't think that was right at all.  We also didn't like anyone who said they wouldn't play an explicit song.  Not like we need a lot of them but we know our crowd and a song with a swear in it is not going to cause problems so if I'm asking for it, I expect the DJ to play it. 

    Sorry if I'm too late!
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