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Maui Marathon during my "off season" honeymoon

Hello, I am going to Maui for my honeymoon the 2nd week of October, it was booked months ago. I just found out the Maui Marathon is that week!!! I was excited to go off season without many people. Now I'm afraid it's going to be super crowded, especially on the west side where we are staying at the Sheraton.

The race is the 15th and we get there on the 6th-13th, so I'm assuming people are going to be there the week before and the week after the race. We might have a day or two without many people, but I'm sure after a few days it will start getting crowded.

Any ideas where to go to get away from the crowd? We are doing the road to Hana and the volcano, but those aren't really relaxing day adventures. Are there any other beaches/areas that tourists don't typically frequent so we can have some peace and quiet if we get overwhelmed?

Has anyone been there during the marathon before and is it as crazy and I'm anticipating it to be? I know these are marathon runners so I'm not expecting a lot of loud partying the week before when I'm there. I don't think many people can drink all week and run a marathon. So maybe it will be quiet but just crowded. Any ideas, insights?

Re: Maui Marathon during my "off season" honeymoon

  • I would call the hotel and ask them what their experience is. Maybe they can be sure to put you on a quiet side of the hotel or offer other suggestions 
  • I don't think it will be that crazy. There are always tourists in Maui. 
  • Runners will probably show up a few days before the race to try to adjust to the time change, but as a runner myself, if I was turning my race into a trip as well (why wouldn't you stay in Maui for a bit!) I would make the bulk of my stay after the race so I could relax, and eat and drink guilt free (I just ran a marathon you know! :P).

    I wouldn't be too worried- like you said, it's not like people are going to be partying it up before a big run. And there are always tourists.

    There are also beaches EVERYWHERE. So if you think one is too crowded, you can walk or drive 10 mins down the road. I recommend the beaches in Kapalua (you'll have to drive there, but it'll be a short drive for you).

    Or, if you feel like the west side is too busy, you can also drive down to Kihei which is on the central-south side of the island or up to Paia on the central-north side for more beaches.

    The road to Hana and the volcano are great. Unless you are going to the volcano with a tour group, you have to buy a park pass, which is good for 3 days- this also gets you into the national park in Hana, and if you continue past Hana, there is another area of the park you can get to. I also recommend a tour of the Hailimaille Distillery, if you enjoy alcohol. There is also a winery there (south side of the island), but we did not get to it. From where you are staying on the west side, if you continue driving north on the highway there are 2 natural spots to see- the Nakalele blow hole and the Ohai trail.
  • I travel for races all the time, and usually get in a day or so ahead of time. Going to HI, I'd probably get there two or three days early because of the time change. Typically we lay low in the days leading up to the race, and I extend the trip into the days after. 

    If you're still unsure, ask your hotel what experience they've had in the past. I say this a bit hesitantly, but most marathon runners aren't going bonkers the days before a race. The days after...that's a different story ;) 
  • Also a runner (although all halfs no fulls yet) and I agree with PPs; my ideal travel race schedule is getting there a day or two ahead, run, then spend more time after drinking and enjoying the food. So I doubt things will be crazy busy or packed before. 

    A good friend of mine ran the Maui half last year and she said it was amazing. She did touristy stuff afterwards but never complained that it was busy. 
  • I've been to Maui during the race a few years ago and other than that day along the route, it was less busy than when I've been in February. Most runners won't show up until a few days before.

    Talk to your hotel about areas that are less crowded. Try to do activities at the beginning or end of the day to reduce the amount of people you will be dealing with.

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