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Mismatched Bridal Party

Hey everyone! So I'm having a bit of a dilemma thinking of bridal party attire.

So my fiance is very adamant that he wants military uniforms. They will be the Navy Whites and Marine Officer uniforms. Along with 2 all black tuxes to make it more uniform. I really want the bridesmaids in a mismatched blush pink look similar to this. My question is, do you think it would look too mismatched and chaos up on the alter?

Re: Mismatched Bridal Party

  • I think it will look great and your maids will certainly appreciate being able to pick out their own dress in their price point
  • Yeah! I am letting the bridesmaids pick out dresses and just having them okay it with me first! 
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    That middle dress is from rent the runway! I wore it at a formal event and it is GORG!  I will say (and I know you're not dictating these specific ones, so it probably doesn't matter), it looks gold irl. 

    I think pretty much anything can go with military uniforms. 

    ETA because the dress looks more gold in regular light (although it definitely looks good too!)

  • Matchy-matchy bridesmaids are old fashioned these days.  Many brides just pick a color and a length and let their bridesmaids choose their own dresses.  It will look beautiful.
  • I love the look of both pics, and I don't think it'll be "too much" on the altar :)
  • Letting them pick is great, but then you have to give up on 'having them okay it' with you. Give them a color and maybe a length, and trust them to find a dress that fits those requirements. What is there to 'okay,' after all? If it's the color you asked for, it would be just rude to veto it. (This happened to me! My SIL asked for long light purple gowns, I found one, and then she picked out a specific black/white/dark purple patterned sundress at a specific store and told everyone to get it all because she thought my pick was the wrong shade.)
  • I did miss-matched and I wouldn't do it any other way. I told my ladies long and "blush-ish" and left them to it. They sent me pics but I approved whatever they sent, they all have different insecurities/securities and I wanted them to feel their best. They loved it, and I thought they all looked amazing together and apart. 
  • I love those dresses! Military uniforms are one of those things that I don't think "count" as being mismatched, if you know what I mean. So it's not like you're telling the BMs to get any dress AND the GMs are picking out any kind of suit, and everyone will be in random things. Those colors for the BM dresses are pretty neutral, and I don't think military uniforms look out of place in a wedding party.
  • It will look awesome!  To use the reference from a retired Navy friend, think of it like "Marine Prom" up there.  
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  • I just told my maids a knee length dress in navy and they all picked their own dress. They sent me pictures of dress they were finding just to show me but if they liked it I liked it. Your idea will be beautiful. 
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