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Leather soled ballroom dance shoes for wedding day? Or other alternatives/suggestions?

edited November 2017 in Attire and Accessories
I've been doing some research on the comfiest shoes for the wedding day and many brides seem to be buying ballroom dance shoes. However, they all warn against wearing them outside unless they have a "hard leather sole". But I'm having trouble finding anything but suede soled dance shoes.

Anyone know where I might find hard leather soled shoes? Or alternatives that are just as comfy as dance shoes but I can wear outside? I really don't want to have to buy two pairs of shoes to avoid wearing my heels outside (especially since we'll be taking pictures outside!).

Thank you!

Re: Leather soled ballroom dance shoes for wedding day? Or other alternatives/suggestions?

  • flantasticflantastic The Midwest member
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    Are they talking about character shoes? Those could be reasonably comfortable, but I don't know if that's really worth it.

    I found some gold dress pumps that weren't too high, and the brand was one whose "thing" is comfort. Naturalizer, I think. I had no problem wearing them outside in mid-November. Otherwise, any shoe of a reasonable height and with a comfortable insole (even if you have to add one) should be plenty comfortable for the whole day.


  • I don't know of any true ballroom dance shoes that don't have suede bottoms (H and I ballroom dance). Depending on the floor of your venue, it could ruin them too. I've been on floors that would have ruined my dance shoes. I would just find a comfortable pair of shoes and not go to the expense of buying true ballroom dance shoes - they aren't cheap!
  • I bought a pair of pretty inexpensive shoes - I think about $35, if I remember correctly. They were Touch Ups brand and had a medium-height heel, 2.5 inches, and an ankle strap. I was comfortable all day. I think the most important thing for comfort (presuming you have average feet and no extreme foot pain or foot issues) is to have a medium or short heel height, nothing overly tall, and some sort of strap around the ankle. 

  • Thanks for all your sharing. This is the point i'm wondering. Got inspirations.
  • The most important factor in your wedding day shoes should be how comfortably they fit YOUR feet.  This will vary by the style, brand, and shape of the shoe!  There are brands I wear a 11 and there are brands I wear a size 13 (women's WIDE!), it's about what fits your foot the best.  A shoe that is the proper fit for your foot is going to be comfortable the full day long, nothing more, nothing less.  You simply need to go out there and try some on until the second you step in to the shoe (wear a light/thin sock), and it feels perfect all around with no "rub points"..

    BA Mason/Shoe Mall is where I got my latest "everyday heels" from that are a half-step between a dance shoe and everyday shoe.  Plus, they have a great return policy if the shoe doesn't fit perfectly the first round.  
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  • Agreed- you'll be hard pressed to find ballroom dance shoes that aren't suede on the bottom and the suede is easily wrecked (can't wear them outside). Many venues do not have true dance floors, and any moisture (i.e. someone spills their drink) will ruin the suede.

    I own a pair of latin ballroom dance shoes, and while they are the most comfortable heels to dance in (I mean ballroom dancing), as they are designed to bend where your feet would bend, they are not the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The straps on mine rub on my toes.

    Do you have Payless Shoes? I bought a pair of pumps there by the brand "Comfort Plus"- super comfortable! Naturalizer also has great shoes. Frank Sarto shoes are also pretty comfortable and at a good price point for a "nice" shoe.
  • I know I am wearing simple tennis shoes. 

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