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Name Change.. ID Cards.. New Address.. ummm

So I am getting married in May. It's my first time and I want to change my last name to my husband-to-be. 

I think the instructions say you will have it changed on your social security card first?
And then you need to update your state ID card/license at the DMV.

Well I started to think hard about it and remembered we are moving in July. 

Can I wait to change my name until July? That way when I go to the DMV I can get my new name and my new address on my card? 

What am I supposed to do? What did you do?

Re: Name Change.. ID Cards.. New Address.. ummm

  • Check the DMV regulations in the two states that will be concerned.  Chances are, you can wait.

    Social Security card first.  After that, it is easy.
  • CMGragain said:
    Check the DMV regulations in the two states that will be concerned.  Chances are, you can wait.

    Social Security card first.  After that, it is easy.
    Oh I'm not changing states. We are just changing address.
    I'm in Texas.
    I've been ticketed in the past for having the wrong address on my license.

    It feels like I would be buying a new ID card with my new name... and then buying another new ID card with my new address the next month... It just felt really inefficient to me...  do I just go ahead and change my name and get my new ID and then deal with changing the address too..

    Government departments are really slow.. maybe by the time I get my social security updated.. it will be closer to moving date and I'll be able to get my new ID at my new address. O:

    Sorry I really am just new to all this and not sure what the proper steps were
  • Usually when you move you get a grace period to change your license address so I wouldn't worry about a couple of months. I changed states (this was years ago) immediately after we were married so I did social security first then driver's license.
  • We got married in April and I didn't change my name until July, so you're good there. Start by ordering a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Take that to the SS office, because you'll need paperwork from them for the DMV. Then you'll need your new license and certified marriage certificate to change most other things (credit cards, bank accounts, sometimes work things, etc). 

    Also, here in NC it used to be a misdemeanor to not change your address on your license (ridiculous) but there's a little bit of a grace period if you say you just moved so you should be fine to wait until you move.
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  • You can wait to change your name until July and do it all at once if it's more efficient that way. 

    You can start going by your FH's last name socially immediately following the wedding. You don't need the DMV/State to change your email signature at work, order new return address labels, or introduce yourself as Mrs. Whatever. It's only two months until it's legal anyway. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Agree with PPs. As far as I know, there's no timeframe or deadline to have your name changed after marriage. I waited nearly 6 months to change my name.

    If I were in this situation, I would just wait until I moved to change my name and get it all done at once.

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