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Re: Maid of Honor Help

  • Don't let your friend pressure you into choosing a MOH. This is your decision, you don't need an excuse. Just tell everyone that you don't want to choose on over the others because you love them all.

    Your friend isn't engaged yet! Why is she asking you to put your honeymoon off for her bp? That's crazy. Even if she was engaged and had her bp date set, she has no business asking you to put off your honeymoon. Tell her your plans are firm and don't discuss it with her any further. 

    While it's inappropriate to plan your own bp, there may be a way to make this right. You say you are paying for a good deal of the trip and doing a lot of special things for your guests. I wonder if it's too late to make this trip about honoring your WP? If you can, I think that would be very sweet of you and would accomplish your goal of not being the center of attention.

    I especially agree with this whole post!

    I think I can take some good guesses as to why you and our BSC friend are not as close as you all used to be, lol.  Like other PPs have mentioned, just don't choose a MOH.  Especially since that is what you are leaning toward also.  And if this friend asks you to be her MOH, decline.  If she already acts like an entitled princess, imagine the hell that will probably happen to her WP when she is a bride (shudder).

    She is already dictating your plans, finances, and schedule for her wedding and bach party (that she also shouldn't be planning for herself).  For an engagement that hasn't even happened.  Mmm...hmm.  Talk about putting the cart before the horse!  It's nuts.

    You've already told her you may not be able to attend.  I would put off any further discussions about it, until the time is closer and plans are more concrete.  Nobody, even a member of the bridal party, is required to attend a bach. party.  Especially when it is a destination one, with a big cost attached. 

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  • Couple things - if you want to help make suggestions, or offer your BMs for bachelorette, that is different than hosting your own party.

    As for the choosing of the MOH .... you don't have to choose one if you don't want to.
    You do need a witness to sign your marriage certificate. You don't need to decide until that day, but you could mention to your BMs that you're opting not to have a MOH but need to figure out a witness to sign and that you're unsure and it will probably be a last minute choice.

    Actually, not necessarily. I didn't need a witness in IL.

    OP, you can keep telling us how selfless and wonderful you are but that doesn't take away from the fact that you planned your own bachelorette. And that's tacky.

    Really? Lucky! We do - same deal across Canada - and it can't be a parent. That's basic MOH & BM 'job'  - signing
    It can be a parent in Alberta. My FIL was one of our witnesses. 
    Damn. In ON you can't :( or else I would've had my mum sign :(
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