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I hope this will information will help.
My best friend asked me to be in his wedding and asked all the bridesmaids to wear white.  He and his fiancée chose JJSHOUSE due to the variety and lower price-point.  I will say that I did not read any reviews before I ordered my dress as I too am planning my wedding and am on a time crunch for both events.  
When you order the dress they MAKE you pay an additional $17 to $20 for expedited shipping which they say will arrive with 6 to 8 business days.  30+ days later I received a terrible dress that looks nothing like the dress, nor is it White.  This dress has a blueish grey tinge... the quality is so cheap... It's empire wasted. I would NEVER wear an empire waist dress.  Plus you can see the dried glue from where they glued on a rubber strip as a means to support this dress being described as strapless.
I was surprised to find no RETURN information in the box so I contacted them online.  They responded that at best they could refund me 40% of the amount of a 50% future credit...(as if I would EVER order from them again).  They ask for photos and then they decide if the dress deserves refund.  This is outright theft, fraud and a scam.  I am so hurt, mortified, and distraught by this entire fiasco.



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    I mean, you ordered a dress from a Chinese website, which are notorious for quality issues... and then it took the time to be manufactured and shipped from China. It doesn't look like a high quality dress, but it also doesn't look like a total disaster.

    What sort of waist was on the dress you thought you were getting? Are there pictures from the online listing for comparison? Also, based on those pictures and my computer screen, I would call that white. Maybe it's white in the same way that paint companies have 60 shades of white, and this one has a more cool tint, but I'm seeing white.
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    Have you really never heard of a Chinese knockoff? There is a sticky literally 2 above this post saying “don’t order!”. I’m sorry this happened to you, but did you ever wonder why it was so much cheaper? It’s a bit like complaining that your ‘Looey Vutawn’ bought on the side of the road for a tenner isn’t the same quality as in the shop in Paris. Take this as an expensive lesson that the buyer should always beware. 

    That being said, finding a white chiffon dress should be easy. Look at department stores and buy off the rack.
  • This really sucks, but you get what you pay for. 

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    Can you try disputing the charge with the credit card company?

    I'm sorry, but there is some responsibility on you when you're using your own money for something. The couple should have done their homework and not asked you to buy from this site, but you could have brought this up as well. 

    I actually had your exact scenario happen to me. A couple years ago, I was a MoH and the bride sent me a link to a dress on JJsHouse that she was considering. I emailed her back and as nicely as I could, I told her that JJsHouse doesn't have the best reputation, and I was concerned about the results we'd get. She thanked me and went a different direction with the dresses!
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    I actually did order my wedding dress from JJsHouse. I also knew of their reputation as well as others websites like that. I also knew their quality wasn't going to be high end either.

    It's very hit and miss so you actually have to rely on the reviews and photographs from previous customer pics. Most of the garments, whether questionable quality or not, are made to order so I actually understand the return policy.

    I'm sorry that it happened to you and you're busy as well with your wedding, but I agree with the remark above about the couple doing their homework and it doesn't take that long to check out their reviews. Always make certain you know what you're getting into and what you're buying.
  • First - before saying "it's a scam", you should probably post an image of "What you ordered" so there's a reference point.  SNS, If you have a more than A/B cup or have a longer torso, that style is going to look more like an empire for fit.  

    I've ordered from JJ's multiple times (I'm plus-size so it's a risk regardless of where I order from) and haven't had much in terms of workmanship issues for the price-point I've paid.  Ordering from online comes with risks, whether you order from Amazon or another site.  When ordering clothing online you need to consider your body not the body of the person modeling the image.  First, there is production time on the garment, you need to add that in to the buffer for the shipping time.  Some dresses take up to six weeks to arrive, and can vary depending on when you ordered it (Prom season, Winterfest Season, Chinese New Year, etc.) can impact the timing.  Even David's charges for rush shipping, and sometimes takes 10 weeks to get a dress, this isn't Amazon Prime same-day delivery you're ordering from.  The shipping charges from overseas are what they are.  

    As for the dress, something you also need to keep in mind is that white is a spectrum.  If you walk in to JoAnn's or another fabric store, white is not white-white, it's a variant on the color spectrum of white.  Next, did you have the dress pressed out, it came vacuum sealed in a box from overseas, it's not going to look well manicured straight out of the box!  Having the dress properly pressed out will change the character and even the fit of the dress.  As for workmanship, other than the one pucker, which is on the inside, and can be pressed out to an extent, everything looks fine in the picture you posted for "What you ordered vs. what you got" when one looks at the source image.  

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