HELP!! Texas Weekend Honeymoon


My fiance and I have decided to take a small weekend trip the weekend of our wedding and then a BIG belated honeymoon on our 1yr anniversary. I am having a hard time thinking of a place to go for the weekend from Houston for a weekend getaway. Can you give me any suggestions?

- He does not want to stay at a resort
- I lived in Austin for a couple years, so going there is not special, its more like going home to me. I still miss my Randalls that is off of 71 lol
- I have been to Fredericksburg a million times. Once with him, he did not really care for it.
- I went to Bandera every summer from the ages of 10 to 17 to work a dude ranch. So that is not special. We would gallivant to Utopia, Uvalde, Kerrville, and the like.
- We both don't like Dallas (typical Houstonians)
- Big Bend is too far (like a 10hr drive)
- We live near Galveston, so been there and done that a million times as well.
- My grandparents live in Brenham, so we have exhausted that whole area.
- We are not beach people really.

Oh, and I lived in Louisiana for a couple years, so we have done New Orleans, Natitoches, Mandeville, etc.

Are we hopeless?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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