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Sending reminders to guests that have not RSVP'd yet

I'm using TK to get my guests RSVP's and it is working fine for me so far. I have so many though that have not RSVP'd yet and I don't want to be pushy by telling them to do so. Is there a way to use the website to send friendly reminders (like the ones sent via evite) to those who's RSVP has not been received yet?

Re: Sending reminders to guests that have not RSVP'd yet

  • What is your hard deadline for numbers to your venue? Call people that have not RSVP'ed and tell them you need an answer by X date. If they don't respond mark them as 'no'. By contacting them directly you also will be able to make sure the invites actually got to them. 
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    If you’re a week or less away from your hard deadline, I’d reach out to them the way you normally do (call, text) and ask.  Maybe they didn’t receive the invitation or they thought they sent the rsvp but it didn’t go through?  Or maybe they just haven’t rsvp’d yet...if not this will be their opportunity.

  • Don't reach out until you are a day or two past the RSVP date.  Some people wait until the last minute to send those in/contact you.

    If it is already past the RSVP date, I would call or text.  As opposed to sending a reminder e-mail that could just get lost in the shuffle.

    I'd phrase a convo (if unsure), voicemail, or text the way @charlotte989875 described...that you need to know by X date, or will put them down as a "no".  It gives them "one last chance", but without you having to chase them down any further.

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  • I think there is a way on the website to send a reminder (check in the tech help board, it may have been asked there). But like PPs have said, emails may get overlooked or stuck in the spam filter, especially if you're guests aren't looking for emails from The Knot.

    Wait until after your RSVP deadline has passed, because things may get lost in the mail and some people read "send this in by x date" as "make sure this is in the mailbox by x date." I would reach out to each guest via phone or text or in person and let them know if you don't have their RSVP by x date (hard deadline for your caterer), you'll have to mark them as a no. We got a flood of responses right after invites went out, and then again close to the deadline, so if you're not past the deadline yet just hang tight a little bit longer! :) 
  • Definitely wait until AFTER the rsvp date. I hate being bugged for something when a deadline hasn't even passed. That is what a deadline is for.
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