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Anyone add rhinestones and sequins to a lace dress in alterations?

i want to add some sparkle to my dress but I’m not sure what to do is all lace. I was thinking I’d sequins or rhinestones was wondering how much something like that costs in alterations? Did you like it? Also considering removing beading on top I’m not in love with it.

Re: Anyone add rhinestones and sequins to a lace dress in alterations?

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    Yes it can be done, but it is going to be expensive as heck unless you do something like purchase something like an applique that just needs to be tacked on properly.  Without seeing what your dress' starting point is it's also difficult to make any recommendations as to what will look good or if it's a "Go second dress shopping" 
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    I’m on my phone- sorry if the image is huge! My sister had a lace dress but wanted some sparkle so she added a belt with rhinestones on it.  She had a few other things altered on the dress, total alteration came to around $800 or so? I’m not sure how much specifically was for sewing on the rhinestone belt.
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    My dress is lace I don’t want it covered in sequins just a sprinkling to add some sparkle. I was also planning on adding layer of sparkle tulle underneath. Not sure if I want to keep the beading on the top.
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    I think I would add sequins along the bottom and the top and then scatter a few on the skirt
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    I needed something for my dress too.  I got what @Mesmrewe suggested and got an applique for it.  It turned out great.  I don't know the break down of the price to apply it because my alterations weren't very much.  I didn't get a bustle and I didn't need it hemmed (hello 6'0 bride).  But I will say it was worth it!

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