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Chairs for hora?

If you did the hora (lifting people up on chairs) during your wedding, what kind of chairs did you use? The chairs that come with our venue are folding chairs, and we're concerned those might be too flimsy.

Re: Chairs for hora?

  • We didn't do it (got married at city hall) but every time I've seen it done they've used banquet chairs. I would not use folding chairs, personally, I'd be too worried about them not being sturdy enough and the people holding the front not being as secure as they should be.
  • When I've seen it done, it's usually been with chairs from dining tables. They had sturdy seats and backs. I myself would never agree to use any chair that had neither because I would be terrified of falling off.
  • Don't use a folding chair. Arrange to rent/borrow the chairs required for this. Should be something lightweight itself with a sturdy seat and back.
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    I always see it with banquet chairs, or anything sturdy.
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