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Last minute math help?? Open vs host bar

Need to know this by tomorrow, because that is when the final payment is due, and I am having second thoughts. We originally booked a host bar (to be clear, this means that we, the hosts, pay bar costs based on consumption.) Consumption includes everything from non-alcoholic sodas, to the two signature drinks my daughter and her FI have chosen.

This is a brunch wedding reception with 130 people, of whom 20 are underage or children.

The PP open bar cost is $45 if we go that route.

The signature drinks (bloodies and various mimosa flavors) are $10 each. I know that mimosas are small and even though I am also small, I can down 3 of them over a 4 hour reception if I choose to drink. So this would be $30, plus extra for the sodas I might drink, or if I leave my glass somewhere and order another, it could be more.

Beer is $5.50. Wine is $8. Soda is $2.50.

The coffee is free, because a friend of my daughter's is giving it as her wedding gift.

What do you think we should do, open or per person?

Re: Last minute math help?? Open vs host bar

  • The consumption based option sounds cheaper to me. 
  • Consumption...  Unless you're in Wisconsin in which case it could be a toss-up because of the highest per-capita consumption...  
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  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    I normally prefer open because of the certainty of it, but $45 for a brunch seems really steep. Are soda free refills or is it $2.50 each time little Timmy goes up for a Shirley Temple? Is the price the same for minors?
  • ShesSoColdShesSoCold bend over and I'll show ya mod
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    I'm a chronic worrier so I personally would go with the flat cost per person. That way there's no surprises at the end of the day. 

    But looking at the prices, I'm wondering how many people will have 5 mimosas or 8 glasses of wine at a brunch reception. I mean, I totally would, but thinking of the typical wedding crowds (a group of "partiers", an older crowd, a bunch of kids), I'd be willing to go with the consumption because I don't think the drinkers will drink enough to make up for the non-drinkers.
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  • Thanks for your responses. We've decided to go per consumption, because even though there are no refills even on sodas, I can't imagine that every single guest will drink 9 sodas or 4 mimosas and 2 sodas, which is what they'd have to do to hit that $45 per person mark for the flat fee.  We kept going over the math and figured that even if there are 20 raving alcoholics there (which there aren't), we'll still not go over the fixed cost.

    I just needed some peace of mind. And if we're wrong, I can't imagine we'll be off by more than a few hundred, and at this point, that seems like Monopoly money.
  • OP, I agree with you and the other PPs.  It sounds like you'd be better off with the consumption choice.

    You might have a few people who will exceed what would have been the $45 flat fee, but I don't think most would.

    Let me tell ya, I am a brunch loving, Mimosa Queen!  We usually go to places where unlimited mimosas are included in the price or a flat $15/person extra.  That kind of thing.  Even with my H driving, I'll typically drink 3-4 glasses.  I don't think I've ever had more than 4.  I might drink coffee with those, but never soda.

    I hope your daughter and her FI have a wonderful wedding day! 

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  • If it weren't brunch, I'd probably say go for PP, but IME people don't drink as many alcoholic beverages at that time of day. (I can put it away, but even I'd have a hard time drinking $45+ at a brunch lol) So that's another vote for consumption.
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