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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know of the issues I am having with my kohls registry. I am also wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problems?

My bridal shower invites went out a month ago and since then nothing is being marked as purchased unless I call up and have it manually done.  I have had to call 12 times, and each time I call I usually have to do a follow up because they never mark it the first time.  One time they just deleted the items.  Which defeats the purpose of why I went with them to begin with. Which was for the rewards points and cash I get back from the purchases. So I am not earning anything unless I work for it. 

One customer service agent told me to call my guests and ask them what they got me! So a month before my shower I should go and call my soon-to-be husbands family and ask them what they got me before they give it to me.  I am sure I will be faced with many duplicates and issues once I have my shower as I want the rewards points and will be faced with a ton of returns.  What an embarrassment!

This has been a complete headache and I have spent more time on this then a lot of my other wedding planning.

I do not recommend them to anyone as a registry! Is anyone else having issues as well?


Re: Kohl's registry

  • I would recommend removing your full name from this post. You never know what kind of people are reading this.

    I had a Kohl's registry 4 years ago. I didn't watch the registry so I don't know if or what was marked as purchased, but I did get one duplicate.

    Also, good luck with the rewards. It took me over a year and several calls and emails to get mine. 
    Image result for someecard betting someone half your shit youll love them forever
  • Thank you for the name suggestion.  

    UGH I have no doubt that the rewards wont be easy.
  • Did anyone else see that Kohl's just SHUT DOWN The Registry?! It said it will only be available until 1/31/19.  My registry is on there!!
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