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Honeymoon recommendations?

Hello friends, we are getting married in June next year and can't decide between two places and would appreciate any recommendations or input. The decision is between Oahu (and maybe a few days in Kauai, or Aruba and Curacao. We live in CA and our honeymoon will be for 9 days. We've both been to Hawaii but over 15 years ago.

Re: Honeymoon recommendations?

  • so I think this depends on what you envision for your vacation.  Aruba I'm assuming you will be staying at an all inclusive type resort and won't venture off property other than maybe resort-booked excursions.  If you do Hawaii I think you're more apt to actually explore your surroundings and you could get more of a hybrid adventure/relaxation vibe.  Both are obviously beautiful and tropical but I think you'll have more freedoms in Hawaii to do things that are not specific to a resort/hotel.
  • Have you discussed options with VIP guests? I know that if H and I had planned a destination wedding, my parents would not have been able to attend. I would make sure all VIPs are able and willing to do a destination and then offer out some thoughts on the two front runners. Make sure you are able to legally get married in both locations/what the requirements are so you are able to carry out your vision.
  • Totally agree with @ernursej - I didn't read carefully enough that you were getting married in one of these places as well.  Wherever is less of a PITA for your guests and you can get legally married at.  you'll have a nice 9 day honeymoon in either location.
  • Should check out Warrenton on the Oregon Coast. Beautiful and private.  If Hawaii, I’d recommend Kauai. It’s green and most island like to me.
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    Wherever you go, bring your best clothes including sensual gifts. it is a honeymoon after all. There are some good pieces on bodybody.com in case nothing really great came as a ghift.

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