Galia Lahav recommendations?

Hi there,

I'm getting married on September 19 and am starting to search for my perfect wedding dress! I found 2 dresses I absolutely love by Galia Lahav. Does anyone have experience with this brand? I know they do customizations and it's very important for me since I'm a plus size. These are the gowns I want:

Can anyone recommend if they're any good as they say? I know plus size can be tricky when it comes to ballgowns and I'm afraid spending so much money on a gown that will end up looking like a tent!  Please help me!!

Re: Galia Lahav recommendations?

  • First - you need to go try some dresses on in a similar cut/style to know whether these dresses will make you feel like a hottie on your wedding day by simply looking in the mirror at yourself.  In some instances the dress that looks great in the picture looks like an empire waist in person, especially on a plus-size frame in some cases.  Also, check out how the dress looks while wearing a crinoline as that may be what makes all the difference.  

    I highly recommend David's for the try-on trip because they stock dresses in plus size on the racks.  Most bridal shops suck at stocking dresses for plus sizes.  

    Also, I would recommend purchasing your busk or corset before trying on dresses (DO NOT purchase this from David's when you can purchase online that is of quality for the same price but most of all comfortable!  My ones from David's didn't even last through wearing the first time to an event, my busk I purchased online was easy to get into solo and comfortable the whole time without gravity winning).  
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