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Hi there! I have a large bridal party (9) plus myself, plus my mom and the mother of the groom so 12 total who may be getting makeup done. I am giving my girls the option to do their own hair and makeup or they can get it done (in that case pay for it on their own). My make-up artist is a neighbor and family friend, I grew up with her daughter who is a few years younger than myself and over the years we lost touch but stay up to date through social media. I ran into her the other day and I knew I wanted her to do my bridal makeup, she mentioned it too and offered to do mine and my mom's for free but have the bridesmaid's pay for a discounted rate ($20 off) which is incredibly nice! I'm only paying $50 + tip for the consultation and I plan to give her a nice tip once I figure out who is getting what done but she's bringing an assistant - do I tip both? Or will she split her tip with the assistant? I assume I tip other question is what is the etiquette for the ceremony/reception? Should I also invite her to the wedding to stay and then additionally invite her family? It's kind of weird because I love them and I know they are happy for us but they don't really know my fiance and we haven't been apart of each other's lives in a while...what do you ladies think?

Re: More Make-up Questions

  • Yes you would tip both her and her assistant. I wouldn't necessarily invite her and her family if you haven't been in touch other than on social media. If she is friends with your parents (truly friends), maybe you could invite her and her partner. I wouldn't invite her family though.
  • I think you answered your own questions!  I'd go ahead and invite them AND especially being generous with the tips given the circumstances and numbers. 
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