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Am I Pride worthy?

Dear Prudence,

I am a white cis woman who enjoys being very feminine, and I am in a heterosexual relationship. I was in this relationship a year ago when I admitted to my boyfriend, and myself, that I had a crush on a female co-worker and I am bisexual. I’m now out to my friends and family, who have all been supportive, my mom’s “But are you sure?” notwithstanding.

The last time I went to a Pride parade was around 10 years ago, I was in middle school, and I was wearing a Straight Advocates for Equality shirt. Now Pride Month is rolling around again, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Do I go to a Pride event with my straight boyfriend? Do I go alone? I just moved to a new town a little over a year ago and don’t really have friends whom I could ask to go with me. And most of all, I don’t know if I would be welcome or enjoy being there, or if I would feel like I don’t belong. Am I wrong that Pride isn’t meant for people like me?

—Is Pride for Me?

Re: Am I Pride worthy?

  • banana468banana468 member
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    Isn't the idea that you can be who you are at Pride?  

    It sounds like she needs to reach out to be more comfortable with herself.   Maybe before going to Pride she can dip a toe in the water of being more involved with the organizations rather than a major public one?  
  • Bisexual people belong at Pride regardless of whom they’re in a relationship with. Even allies can go if they don’t make the day all about them.
    Right?  That's always been my impression.  My own city of NOLA has historically been LGBTQ welcoming and there is a large community here.  In fact, our Pride is this Sat. and we will have the largest parade in the Gulf Coast.  There is also an enormous LGBTQ event over Labor Day weekend every year called Southern Decadence.

    There are all kinds of LGBTQ events here and, even though both my H and I are hetero, we've hung out in the French Quarter during a number of them.  I've never felt that someone was looking at me/us like we didn't belong or in an unwelcoming way.  People are friendly.  Having a good time.

    And the LW as a bi-woman, that is literally what the "B" stands for.  It wouldn't make any sense if the only time it was "appropriate" for her to go to Pride is when her relationship is with a woman, instead of a man.  
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  • Hell I work for a bank (who is the largest employer in our city) and we had a spot in the parade. But like OWK said it’s about support and allyship, not centering yourself. 

    But also, you don’t have to prove you sexuality to anyone. Go and enjoy. 
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