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Utility Person? NEED HELP - Twin Cities, MN

Our venue doesn't provide any staff (which is a pro and a con), and we are looking for someone who can do it all - someone to clear tables during dinner, help with a champagne pour, and help our food truck vendors clean up.  Maybe a 3 hour job? Anyone know of anyone in the Twin Cities area? 


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    The issue with the champagne pour is you're going to want someone who is a licensed bartender because of carding and ensuring no one under 21 is served (can put you and them at a liability/legal risk)..  Your actual best bet would be contacting a caterer or working it out with your food truck vendors at a premium to provide this service or paying your food truck vendors at a premium to do this.  Also, this is more than a 3-hour job, it's closer to a 5-7 hour one.  Another possibility would be contacting some of the local Culinary Schools as sometimes Culinary students will hire out to do this type of thing.  
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