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My husband and I decided to go with Bloominous for our wedding flowers, and I wanted to post my experience here in case it helps anyone make decisions about whether to go DIY! I also posted a review on their vendor page, but couldn't figure out how to include photos and there was a character limit.

When we first decided to go with Bloominous, we were a little nervous about going the DIY route. I wanted to be certain that everything would go smoothly, but we also needed to save money and were totally in love with the collections on the Bloominous website. We reached out to Bloominous and were matched with Rachel, our representative. We asked her a lot of questions and she helped us to create the perfect flower order. Our wedding colors were dark purple, lavender, and gray, so we were originally drawn to the Wisteria collection. However, we later realized that the bridal bouquet and small bridesmaid bouquets in the Pink Lemonade collection suited our taste better, so Rachel helped us to customize those bouquet styles with flowers that fit our color scheme. The only other items in our order were three corsages. We did not want boutonnieres or centerpieces, and Rachel did not pressure us to add more to the order. She was very patient with all of my requests and questions. 

As well as being a super smooth experience, Bloominous also gave us an amazing price. A local florist quoted us around $900 for my bouquet ALONE (which honestly wasn't extravagant). With Bloominous, our total order (which included my bridal bouquet, six bridesmaid bouquets, and three corsages, as well as some extra flowers to accent our social hour cocktail area) was just over $500 (for EVERYTHING!). Truly a wonderful deal.

As I already alluded to, our experience with Bloominous was easy from start to finish. We got married on a Saturday, so I believe the flowers arrived on a Wednesday. They arrived in long cardboard boxes and the flowers were wrapped professionally. The week of the wedding, I received several emails from Bloominous to ensure that the process went smoothly. I received emails with instructions and an instructional video that all helped me know exactly what to do and how to prep the flowers. Additionally, I received text alerts to my phone when the flowers shipped and after they arrived. I felt that the texts were above and beyond! When the boxes arrived, my mom and I trimmed the stems of each flower and placed them in large buckets of water. The boxes came with the flowers, floral tape, ribbon, pins, and instructions for how to set up each bouquet, as well as a guide to which flower was which. I think they might have also come with "flower food," but I honestly can't remember. I know that we borrowed some extra "flower food" from our friends to supplement. Some people have said that knowing which flower was which was difficult, but personally it wasn't too bad for me, because each flower in our order had its own look. If the flowers had looked more similar, it might have been more difficult.

The day after the flowers arrived, I had a few relatives and friends come over to help assemble the bouquets. I expected it to take hours, but it only took just over an hour if I remember correctly, and we really didn't need too many people. We organized the flowers in vases and assigned each person a role: to pick flowers, to assemble bouquets, and to wrap the bouquets. It was honestly really fun and a great experience.

On the day of the wedding, the flowers looked great. I will say that a few of the blooms unfortunately did not last, but that was to be expected. Because it was only a few blooms, I wasn't upset about it. I was disappointed that the beautiful blush roses in my otherwise all-white bouquet didn't last, because they were my favorite, but I only had about two, so that was understandable. My dad was able to run to the store and get some additional white flowers to supplement my bouquet the day of the wedding. Otherwise, all of our blooms lasted. We had ordered some lavender limonium to accent the bridesmaid bouquets, and we ended up with more than we needed, so we were able to use it for the head table centerpieces and I was even able to put some in my hair! 

Overall, I would 100 percent recommend Bloominous to anyone, and I hope that nobody shies away from the DIY experience solely because they are worried about the quality of the flowers. The representatives at Bloominous are highly professional and help you have the best experience possible. The flowers were wonderful quality and the bouquets and corsages were easy to assemble. It was fun to get a little creative and make our bouquets exactly what they wanted. The cherry on top is the price. I truly can't believe we had such beautiful flowers, and a fun experience, for a fraction of the cost that it would have been otherwise.

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  • Congrats!  I didn't realize there were online DIY flower options.  I'm glad it was such a great and cost-saving experience for you.

    You and the ladies in your WP look beautiful!  The bouquets look lovely.  I also really like the flower colors you chose.
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