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In Suite Reception Help!

Hi everyone! First time posting to TK, but my fiance and I are wanting to get married in Las Vegas and have our reception in-suite. The issue? We have 55-60 people on our guest list (11 kids, 13 total under 21), and it's difficult to find a suite that can accommodate everyone should we get 100% RSVP, which is almost expected at this point. 50 people at the absolute least. I've seen that some people have had 50+ in the Vista Suite at Mandalay Bay, but it doesn't look as if that's an option on their website anymore. They do have the Media Suite, though. I was looking at the MGM Skyline Terrace too, but someone said that it would be way too small for a party larger than 35.

I'm also worried about whichever place we book at potentially breaking up the party since we are planning to bring in our own F&B. I'm aware of the "don't ask, don't tell" unspoken policy on here, but I can't lie about it making me just a little uneasy. So if anyone has any personal experience or advice to offer here, I'd appreciate it! When our guest list was smaller and non-inclusive of children, we were looking at the Wraparound Terrace Suite at the Cosmopolitan, which was actually kind of perfect because they confirmed with me that we would be fine bringing in our own F&B since it would be in the privacy of our own suite. But with a larger party, this likely won't accommodate us well if everyone RSVPs.

We were planning on having the reception end by 8pm, if that helps any. I've heard MB does security checks at 9pm in the suites. Is anyone able to confirm?
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