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"Item currently unavailable"

More than half of the items I put on my Target registry are showing up on my website with the notification "Item currently unavailable." However, when I go to the actual Target site, everything is fine, and all the items are in stock. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? 

Re: "Item currently unavailable"

  • Target doesn't offer all the same products online as they do in the store, and they don't rotate them at the same time. It sounds like a lot of the things you've chosen aren't available online or aren't available anymore. 

    You know your guest list. If they're likely to mostly shop online, you should probably select alternates that the online store carries. If they're more apt to shop in store, don't worry about it. Also, if your wedding is pretty far out, you may want to take off anything that you need several sets of, to avoid getting 3 of the 8 before it goes out of stock. My experience with target is that things go out of stock online first, and then disappear in the store. 

  • I recommend registering at multiple places, if you haven't done so. And if at all possible, try not to choose proprietary brands. If your dishes are only sold at Target and they discontinue them, you're out of luck, but if you choose things that are sold in multiple places, your guests will have an easier time finding things on your list at prices they can afford.
  • If you're having an issue with the Target registry itself, I'd recommend a registry site that lets you sync items from Target to its site, maybe that will clear the problem. Personally I used MyRegistry because it worked really well with taking things from Target, and it gave me discounts if I put anything on my list that was from Amazon. Hope everything works out!
  • I'm having this issue as well. The previous replies seem to be referencing if it's out of stock on Target's website too, which isn't the issue here. The Knot is pulling it as out of stock even when it isn't.
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