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Is there a market in MSP for colored/non-white wedding dresses?

I’m getting married this year and knew I didn’t want a white wedding dress. I went to so many stores in MSP looking for non-white dresses, and I found a few but nothing that really spoke to me. I did a lot of researching online, finding several designers who make gorgeous colorful dresses but I didn’t feel comfortable buying something I couldn’t try on first.

It was by sheer luck that my sister moved to another city with a store that carried one of the designers I loved, giving me the excuse to visit and try on some of their dresses. I was able to find one there that I’m really excited about, but I can’t stop feeling frustrated that there were so few options for me to choose from here at home.

At one of the stores in MSP, I was told that MN brides just don’t seem to want non-traditional gowns, that there isn’t a market for it here. But when I tell other young women about my own experience I find a lot of them are genuinely intrigued by the idea and just never knew that colorful dresses were an option.

Long story short, I’m wondering if I really am the only one or if there is a larger demand in MN that’s not being met. If there are more women here that wish they could break tradition and wear a colored dress, then I’d seriously consider starting my own boutique to provide more of those options here.

I’d love to hear about other MN women’s experiences with this!
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