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Bridal Dress Woes and Pros ?

Hey all,

To all my newlyweds, brides and brides to be, I am contemplating on buying my dress 2nd hand but with no idea where to start or where to begin. I have searched here and there buy I do not want burn a hole in my pocket based off an emotional whim. (Gotta keep the reins tight). I do have time to search and I am sure I can find something reasonable, but I just need some support and advice from y'all if you can. So my questions to you are..

Would you buy your dresses 2nd hand online or would it be better to experience such in person ?
How much in your opinion, should one spend on a 2nd hand dress ? 
If you've had experience buying a 2nd hand wedding dress, how was the experience ? Was it good ? If not how could it of been better ?
Any tips would be of great help...
P.S, Ya girl lives in NYC, so as you can imagine the cost of a dress here can be astronomical... 
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