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  • We've kept from feeling isolated some by socializing with neighbors 2-3x/week, but staying at least 6 feet apart.  But I know it's especially hard for those of you that have family nearby.

    My own immediate family, other than my H of course, lives halfway across the country.  Not that that's "good", lol.  But, at the same time, it doesn't feel like a "loss" for me to not see them because I rarely do anyway.
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  • @cupcait927, I think this has been so hard on seniors who tend to be isolated anyway. My 96 year old FIL lives alone. My SIL has been dropping groceries off but not seeing him. My H finally convinced her she should go in and spend some time with him. She has been home since mid March only going to the grocery. He's lucky because he is safer at home than in a nursing home but the lack of human contact can be awful. Luckily he is computer literate so reads and corresponds with people by email. 
    My dad who is 73 and lives alone refuses to stop going to see my sister and my nephew and is at the grocery store every day. He's also someone who thinks this is way overblown but I needed to get him a thermometer 6 weeks ago when he thought he might be getting sick. I will not be seeing him anytime soon. 

    My grandmother is in the nursing home and is currently in isolation for another week after contracting Covid-19. While she is recovering quite well physically, her mental health is a wreck. That's why my mom won't even step foot outside her house unless it's to walk in empty parks - she doesn't want to get her mom sick again when she can see her and doesn't want to delay a visit because she didn't stay distanced when she had to. 

    When we visit my in-laws this weekend, we'll be outside, we'll wear masks and wash and sanitize thoroughly. By no means are we going to start going nuts with visits and going places. The fact that the dog park, skate park and public restrooms at parks all open up this weekend is frightening to me because it's a breeding ground for infection. Someone posted on FB today that the main street in my town was packed with people and very few were wearing masks. 
    I'm so sorry about you grandmother. Yes, if your day refused to take the proper precautions then I wouldn't see him either. I certainly didn't mean to go nuts going places but if you can be certain about peoples' precautions then I think it is ok to see them. Good for your mom for taking it seriously and considering how it could affect your grandmother. Hugs.
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    My take as someone who is at a higher risk of complications if I get it:

    Stay home. 

    But if you’re taking all the precautions (masks, hand washing, true social distancing, not congregating in large groups, minimal stores) and you know the people you’re planning on seeing are taking the same precautions then you can maybe see a limited number of people. 

    But honestly, do you know everyone you’re seeing is taking it as serious as you are? Are the people they are seeing taking it seriously? We absolutely need human interaction, but we also need to be careful. I’m in an area where hospitalizations have increased after a week long decrease. People are not taking things seriously (lots of people without masks even when they’re required, congregating in large groups etc.). 
    The few people I have seen I am confident in their exposure (my son who is living with us for the quarantine, my daughter and her family). So yes I'm ok with seeing them. ETA: and if I were at higher risk of complications, I might think differently, too.
  • My hair dresser just texted me on the DL to ask me if I wanted to come into the salon. 

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    We have met family outdoors.  We remain physically distant.  We are all diligent in our precautions within our own homes and feel completely safe and confident we are all healthy.  The ONE exception is my SIL who works in a retirement community.  She, nor we, would take even the most minuscule risk of endangering her work community.  They have had only one resident positive with COVID. In the Chicago areas, that is an outstanding record!  When one of the residents leaves for a doctor’s appointment, they voluntarily shelter in their apartment for 14 days for the sake of the other residents.
    Since early March, I have had one “speakeasy” hair cut.  It was by someone I know personally who does hair out of her home.  I skipped the hair coloring so as not to loiter too long.  We both wore masks and she cut the majority of my hair from behind the chair.  
    DD and her family, who have lived with us since March, are moving into their new home next week.  We will continue to see them as long as we both continue to maintain the same protocols we did when living here together.
    We continue to “visit” with neighbors.  We have all lived on this block for almost 30 years.  My next door neighbor has been ill with unrelated COVID issues (stroke) and we mow his lawn.  We all visit at a safe distance outside to make sure we are all OK and to take “notes” on who needs what and who can help when.  We are very fortunate we have the safe outdoor space to do this.  Something as simple as a neighbor not putting their trash bins out on garbage day is a Bat Signal on this block.  
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    levioosa said:
    My hair dresser just texted me on the DL to ask me if I wanted to come into the salon. 
    What did you decide to do 
  • kvruns said:
    levioosa said:
    My hair dresser just texted me on the DL to ask me if I wanted to come into the salon. 
    What did you decide to do 
    I was super tempted. Then I cried a little inside and decided I couldn’t be a hypocrite so I asked him if he had availability four weeks from now. Salons aren’t supposed to be open for business yet. My roots are so. bad. though. I picked a terrible time in life to go blonde. 

  • Re: hair.  Just before all this started I tried hair extensions and LOVED them! Took them out on my own though and I’m waiting for salons to open up again so I get them back in but they’re $200 ish and I have to really go out in the real world and have lots of people see me to justify getting them again. Right now I am saved by my old clip in extensions though.  Zoom Pam wears them.  Quarantine Pam looks a lot different. 

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