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who starts the wedding?

and how do we know when it's time to walk down the aisle?

i really don't want to have to hire a corrdinator and i'm not sure if there's staff at the venue for such thing.

Re: who starts the wedding?

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    If you practive the day before, just remember at what point in the music you enter on.
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    Yes the 'music' usually starts the wedding, You can also have the pastor say something 5-10 minutes before just to let people know to sit down if you are worried about it being chaotic, but thats not necissary imo but I have seen it done.

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    My day-of coordinator handled it, but if I hadn't had one, I'm sure the pastor taking his place would have cued the musicians to start.
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    ok so my officiant will? i'm just a little worried.
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    You should have a coordinator, either the church/venue *may* provide one or a friend can do this.  I had a friend who volunteered to be a DOC.  I specifically told her what time to start the ceremony as well as what time to get people lined up.  She discussed with the musicians a signal to let them know when everybody was ready to start walking down the aisle.

    ETA:  We had the parents walk first, the officiant and men came out from the side, FG/RB, BMs, then my father and I.  Everybody processed to the same song with the exception of my father and I.  The musicians stopped playing when they saw everybody at the altar then started the procession song for my father and I which let us know when to start walking.
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    it's only going to be my fiance and i walking together so it's going to be a little short.. i feel like it's going to be weird but that's what i want to do. good idea about having a friend do it.
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