Maiden or Married Name on Degree??


I recently got married in February of 2020! I have not been able to legally change my last name due to COVID-19. I will be graduating from a university in May of this year and I personally want to put my married name on my diploma, but I don't know if it would cause problems. Whenever I say problems, I mean until I am able to legally change my name that means that the last name on my degree and all of my identification will be different, but like I said that is just until I am able to legally change my name. What are your thoughts on this?

Also, my husband and I dated and were engaged the whole time I was in college, so I do want to put my married name on there, I just don't want to cause any issues with anything! :)

I look forward to hearing from everyone! 

Re: Maiden or Married Name on Degree??

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    FWIW - Maiden Name...  

    You may be able to get a duplicate with your married name, but you'll need to check with your University...
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    If you can choose, I’d say do whatever you want. However you might have to just go with whatever is in their official record systems. That said I can’t think of any scenario where the name on your degree matters or would cause problems if it doesn’t match your IDs. All my degrees (undergrad, MA, PhD) have my maiden name and I use my married name professionally and have never had a problem. 
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    I'd go with your married name (it's what you'll be using going forward, after all), but why haven't you been able to get it changed in a year? Your profile says you're in Dallas, and I know Texas has been quite open (huzzah for the economy, Abbott). Most of that stuff can be done online: the Knot advertises for Hitch Switch (even their most expensive service is just $100, plus court fees), and then there's stuff like Texas Law Help or eFile Texas that'll let you do it yourself with a bit of work.
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