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Can the neckline be altered?

Hi all, I bought a pronovias dress that I loooove (in large part for its bateau neckline and dramatic lace back, as per first picture). I’m pretty petite but have proportionately wide shoulders - and when I tried it on in my actual size the neckline converted to more of a tank-top style. We tried to add a bit of scrap lace to fill out the shoulders a bit - but I really miss the straight-across bateau neckline that initially really sold me on the dress. Can this be done?? I’ve seen pictures on other brides and they look the same as seems to be a design flaw and the first picture even shows a wrinkle in the top which leads me to believe the neckline isn’t even possible unless you wear the dress in a size that’s too big. Thoughts?

Re: Can the neckline be altered?

  • The neck and shoulder line is entirely different petite or not (it doesn't look like the exact same dress in the original picture) - the dress you're wearing has more of a scoop than bateau so what would need to be done to make it look like the top picture really isn't possible...  
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  • Could it be more how the model is standing, and the camera angle being lower?

    You are probably correct that the dress is too big for the model and is probably pulled and clipped in the back.

    I am sorry you aren't happy but no one would know unless you told them. The dress is Stunning and you look fabulous in it.
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