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Grandma/Granddaughter Dance Songs?

I had always envisioned my grandfather walking me down the aisle and doing a 'grandfather/granddaughter' dance in lieu of a father/daughter dance (my parents are not a part of my life). When he died a few years ago I just never considered an alternative, and now my grandmother is saying she wants to do a 'grandma/granddaughter' dance so that I'm not left out since my Fiance will do a mother/son dance. 

The PROBLEM IS - it seems like EVERY country song list only has songs that either specifically mention a mom/mother or a dead grandparent. I did use to call my grandma 'mom' as a kid, but since I'm specifically not inviting my mother to the wedding this seems HIGHLY inappropriate to use a song using the word mom/mother/mamma. 


Re: Grandma/Granddaughter Dance Songs?

  • Rather than focus on the grandmother portion are there other songs that you can use that evoke a happy feeling like "We are Family" or even Pharell's "Happy"?  

    Years ago my dad and I danced to the Sinatra version of "The Way You Look Tonight".  We weren't about to do a Butterfly Kisses type thing.  See if there's a song you both enjoy. 
  • I agree, don't worry so much about it being a grandmother/granddaughter song, focus instead on it being a song you both like.  A song that makes you both smile.
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  • I danced with my dad to "It's a Wonderful World" and it was lovely.  I think there are plenty of songs that don't specifically mention parents but aren't super "couply" that would work.  

    "This will be (an everlasting love)"
    "My girl"
    "How sweet it is"
    "Somewhere over the rainbow" (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version)

    I'd focus more on nice songs like that and not try to find one that specifically speaks to a grandparent/child relationship!
  • Rather than trying to use the song to define your roles, I would pick a song that defines how you make each other feel. There are nice songs that you can do that with.

  • My dad and I danced to “What a Wonderful World”...sweet message and quick song so guests weren’t too held captive 
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