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    Jstump2 said:
    @short+sassy Indeed it was! Lol there was also some more intersting wallpaper choices. I just looked again and it is showing pending now.
    Oh!  Wow!  That is a lot of grass colored green carpet.  You'd almost think you're outside.  Except for the 70's wood trim going halfway up the walls, lol.

    But also a nice, large room that's perfect for an entertainment/play area. 

    Edited to add:  And already pending even with the work it needs.  Houses do fly off the shelves where you live.  That is tough! 
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    @short+sassy It is absolutely absurd! We are trying to buy before we sell our current house- so we can take our time to find the right one. But man would it be nice to sell right now and cash in on this market! The prospect of having to find a rental with two little kids is more than I can take though.
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