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My wife and I were married in late October and we used Zola as well as Anthropologie as our wedding registries. One of the items we received from Anthro was a very expensive comforter that came with a hole in it. The other item was a blanket that was a slightly different color than what we were expecting. Together the items totaled close to $500. 

We had trouble navigating their site (which is not user friendly at all) so we called in and had a representative walk us through the exchange process - the point was to ensure that the money didn't get credited back to the guests who purchased them for us. Shipping labels were sent to our emails which we used to send the items back. After about a month, there was no confirmation from Anthropologie that they had received the items. We called in and they said they would check with the warehouse and get back to us. No one ever got back to us. We called again and they said we would receive a credit within 2 days. The credit never came. After 1-2 weeks, we called again, and this time they said that the items were refunded to the original credit cards - WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE TRYING TO AVOID. 

Basically, this exact same scenario happened on repeat several times where we would explain that they had to correct this mistake as it was done on their end, they would speak to a supervisor, tell us that we would received a credit within 48 hours, two weeks would pass with no response or credit from Anthro, and we would call in again and have the exact same conversation again. Finally we asked to speak to a supervisor and the representative didn't even want to get their supervisor on the phone. They kept saying that there's nothing that could be done as the money was refunded already to the original buyers. We explained how that was not our problem as we followed the steps to a T to ensure that this would not happen. Finally, after an intense back and forth, the representative got their supervisor on the line and the supervisor basically told me that I should try and contact the original buyers and ask them for the money. Absolutely ridiculous. I explained why this was not our mistake to correct and how they needed to make it right. The supervisor said they would run it up the chain to their manager and we would get a call back from the manager within 48 hours (sound familiar?) - but they weren't promising anything. We never received a call from the manager, and after about a 1-2 weeks, we suddenly received an email with an e-gift card from Anthropologie and no message, follow-up, or any kind of apology. At first we didn't even know what it was. It was like they were hoping we wouldn't see it, and basically amounted to a "screw off." 

I just couldn't believe that a business could charge so much for their items and act like they're a top-shelf company, and then have the worst customer service etiquette you could imagine. And their online registry is awful. Unlike Zola, there's no place to see who sent you the gifts. Zola even lets you export the names of the gift senders to an excel spreadsheet, Anthro does not. And I didn't even love Zola, but their customer service and online registry interface were SOOOO much better. 

Stay away from Anthropologie if you can. And if you do use them, know that when you return or attempt to exchange an item, there's a high likelihood that you're never going to get that credit back.


  • We had this same experience! Still going back and forth trying to get several hundreds of dollars refunded. I had my email with my shipping label from Anthropologie open with the tracking through their website telling me it got back to their warehouse three weeks ago and the customer service representative said they had no record of the return. Insane. Also totally wild that you can’t return registry items in store, can’t see who gave you the gift, and get no notification if the item is out of stock. Cannot discourage registering through Anthropologie enough! 
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