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Milla Nova Wedding Dress Sizing Question!

Hi there!

There are a few Milla Nova wedding dresses in the ball gown style that I love and I have been able to find a few samples at a discounted price online.

I’m not willing to buy before I try on (which I will when I get a chance to in a couple of months), but does anyone know if it is true to size?? 

I’m paying close attention to the bust/waist/hip measurements as opposed to the label size. I would like to keep my eye on the sales online. 

If you have any experience trying a Milla Nova dress, would appreciate any insight! Any pictures would be even more appreciated :) Thank you!

Re: Milla Nova Wedding Dress Sizing Question!

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    I don’t know about that line specifically but many wedding dresses don’t run TTS- they’re a fair bit smaller. If you can find a sizing chart online get a tape measure and do your measurements yourself to get a better sense of What size you’re looking for. 
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    There may be exceptions, but nearly every single wedding dress my daughter and her recently-married (within past 3 years) friends bought was 2 sizes larger than normal street clothes. They were complaining about it, but the reality is that street sizes have gotten bigger, while wedding dress sizes have remained the same for decades. So ignore the label size and have someone who knows what they're doing measure you, then contact the manufacturer to be sure their size charts are accurate.
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