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Putting on our own ice cream sundae bar... ideas?

My fiance and I are hoping to have an ice cream sundae for dessert instead of cake for our May 2022 wedding!
Has anyone put on an ice cream sundae bar on their own and how did you do it?

Re: Putting on our own ice cream sundae bar... ideas?

  • I think you need to look into how this can be done now vs. how it was done at receptions that occurred pre-covid. 

    Talk to your vendors.  The ways that I see this as possible are:
    -This often works when it's in addition to other dessert.  If it isn't, you will have to either have multiple containers of the same kinds of ice cream and staff to scoop OR you'll have a lot of people waiting. 
    -You must have the staff scoop the ice cream and make the sundaes.
    -Have a wide variety of toppings to choose from. 

    The vendors are going to have additional ideas but consider that the bigger your reception, the longer the line. 

    Due to covid, I cannot imagine anyone even by 2022 being OK with a DIY concept so you'll need to ensure that those serving/scooping are following proper food handling procedures. 
  • Thank you so much!!
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    This sounds like a bad idea to me as DIY even pre-covid. By DIY, I assume you're expecting guests to serve themselves. That means ice cream setting out for at least an hour getting sticky and melty and making a huge mess. 

    I would talk to your caterer to see if they can do this for you, and either they scoop and serve the ice cream or have it pre-scooped for people.
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    We had both cake and ice cream at our reception..  We used those ice cream cups that have the wooden stick for a spoon because for a large group it made the serving efficient and not messy!  There are a lot of logistical concerns involved with serving ice cream sundaes to 200 people (temperature of the ice cream, toppings, cross-contamination, efficiency because ice cream melts!,etc.) but most of all, it's messy and takes time!  Another thing I've seen done is bringing in an ice cream truck and giving your guests a ticket for a treat - that works relatively efficiently and easier to manage in a lot of other respects.

    There's also the consideration that a lot of people have sensitivities to dairy and nuts.  Almond Milk Ice cream is one of the easier to come by milk substitutes.  So you've got to factor such things into play.  
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