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Has Anyone Had Second Thoughts About Their Dress Post Purchasing & Altering?

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I feel like I have so many different style interests even in normal clothes - boho, edgy, sporty, occasionally preppy LOL. I've always liked A-Line dresses but I liked some that were zero tulle and zero lace to some that had tulle bottoms and lace. So, when I found one I loved, I didn't go to any other dress shops. The one I chose is A-Line, lace bodice, tulle skirt. I had my seamstress create a layered skirt. I look at photos of it and one day I love it and one day I second guess it. Has anyone else experienced this?

I only took my mom, MIL, and grandma dress shopping. I think part of it is wondering if my bridesmaids (& guests) will like it and think "that's so her" or like "wow, that's not what I saw her in." I KNOW it doesn't matter what anyone thinks but can't say it isn't a thought. LOL

Re: Has Anyone Had Second Thoughts About Their Dress Post Purchasing & Altering?

  • Well I think your dress is GORGEOUS! But yes I felt that way. One day I loved my dress, another I was all “what was I thinking buying this one?!” Eventually I just remembered all the things I did love about it. 
  • thank you so much! Glad to hear it's normal. LOL. I feel like there's so much pressure to LOVE it and if you think twice then you must not really love it. So, probably getting inside my head a bit.
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    I didn't have second thoughts myself, but with so many options for wedding dresses out there, I think it's understandable that you'd wonder what else you could have chosen, especially since you like a lot of different kinds of clothes. That being said, your dress is really beautiful and I think in the end you'll be very glad it's the one you chose. 

    Also, not everyone has a super emotional, excited reaction to their wedding dress. It's okay just to be happy you found one you like! I loved my wedding dress and knew it was the right one for sure, but I didn't gush over it.
  • Don't know or care what anyone else would say, but it's stunning.

    I'm leaning towards a dress that I nor anyone else would have said is what they thought I'd wear as well. At the end of the day if it feels right then that's your dress.

    I approve, for what it's worth. 😊
  • I am also feeling some type of way about my dress! I haven’t had my dress altered yet (still in the shipping process) but keep looking at pictures of me in it and wondering if I picked the right one. It’s not what I was picturing for myself on my wedding day so I’m not sure why I picked it. I think it’s beautiful but worried I’ll regret wearing it over the other one I envisioned myself in. I’m considering buying another dress. 😫
  • Also, I think this dress reallly suits you! It’s beautiful!   
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