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How to livestream a wedding

Whats the easiest way to livestream a wedding ceremony? I don’t want guests to have to learn too much new technology to be able to watch it, especially my older guests. And I know not all my guests have facebook or instagram. Has anyone here tried to livestream a wedding on youtube? Can you recommend what site you’d use to livestream a ceremony? Did your guests have to create profiles with that site to be able to watch?

How do you make sure the guests are muted but they can hear the ceremony? Do we need to have mics? 

Will it be automatically recorded or do I need to ask one of my guests to record it?

Do I use a phone or should I rent something to video it on? 

Did anyone here DIY livestream their wedding or did you hire someone?


Re: How to livestream a wedding

  • Where are you having your wedding? Do they already have livestream capability at the venue? Many churches in this past year have been outfitted with livestreaming equipment. At my church, they will livestream a wedding on the church's Facebook and Youtube sites as long as the couple pays the church's livestream tech person a stipend for their time.
  • I'm guessing wherever you're having your wedding given the advances since 2020 and all things Covid - they may already have the setup to do so along with the program.  Zoom is honestly your best bet but pay the premium level service so you don't get hacked (colleagues had this happen, NOT fun)..  That way you can also record it so that you can post it to Youtube, Facebook, and have a copy for yourself..  Otherwise, record it via a camera then post it immediately after.  

  • omg their wedding got hacked, or a presentation?
  • My 82 year old mother livestreamed her wedding this past December thru her church's YouTube channel. She had about 100 people watching, many of whom were very old. Her pastor sent the link out and all you had to do was click on it.
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    I just want to write that I used the Lovecast app for my wedding.

    All of my guests were impressed, and it was as simple for me as to use their app!

    So glad this wasn't rocket science!
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