Wedding 911

Help me! Fiance's suit is WAY too big and we are 8 days from the wedding

We decided to use Generation Tux for our wedding, after my cousin used them for her wedding and all the guys looked fantastic! My fiancé and his groomsmen ordered their suits back in March, and supposedly the suits were supposed to come 14 days before the wedding. Well... my fiancé got his 9 days out from the wedding (yesterday night) and literally NOTHING fits. It is so huge, it looks like he is a little kid trying on his dad's suit! Everyone else in the wedding party is fine, but his is absolutely beyond saving. I have been trying to get a hold of their customer service all last night and today- by phone, by chat, by email- but haven't gotten any reply.

I am really starting to panic here and I don't know what to do if I literally cannot get through to them. Does anyone have any clever idea on how to salvage the situation? I am losing my mind!!! 
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