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Invitation with online RSVP

I know I want to do an online RSVP when sending out the invitations. I'm trying to figure out if I should have one card for the invitation and another card for the online rsvp, or should I keep it all on one card? 

Re: Invitation with online RSVP

  • If your invitations are informal, I'd just put the RSVP link on the invitations. I don't know what RSVP site you are using but some people talk about how much difficulty they have had with certain ones. Also depending on your guest list, older people may not be comfortable using a website to RSVP. Just something to consider. You know your guest though.
  • If you are inviting any older folks, you may have to do paper RSVPs, too. We had to do both for my daughter's wedding because some older guests couldn't figure out the online RSVP, even if they could use a computer for other tasks. It was a drag, especially having to consolidate the lists, but unless you're sure all of your guests can manage a paperless RSVP, you will have to use paper.
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