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How much does a wedding planner cost

Whats the typical cost of a wedding planner where you are? Whats the cost breakdown for what you want yours to do? Are they booking and arranging things with vendors for you, or just decorating on the day (I cant decide which I will do, I am not sure I can afford full service). 

I had one phone consultation and she sounds really cool and professional but the quote for full service was around 4K. How much is too much? Whats the average cost of a wedding planner? In your experience if you used a planner was having them worth the cost you paid to know everything would go smoothly? 

I’m really worried about money and saving enough right now and want to be prepared, so all advice is really helpful. 

Re: How much does a wedding planner cost

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    This really depends on where you live. What you quoted isn't unreasonable for a large urban area. My daughter was married in Chicago almost 6 years ago and we were quoted a bit more than that for full service. I don't remember what just day of was at the time. I would suggest interviewing in person at least three people before you make a decision. The only reason we chose to go with a full service person was because the wedding was out of town for us (parents) and our daughter hadn't lived in the area and quite frankly didn't have the time to plan a wedding. They had a short engagement. If they had had a longer engagement and had gotten married in our home town we would have opted for a day of coordinator.
  • Like many of the others here, it really depends on the area.
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