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Classic Catering: 403 W 60th St, Minneapolis, MN 55419 - classiccateringmn.com

We began working with Classic Catering of Minnesota prior to the events of COVID-19. We thought booking a year in advance so that we would be well prepared for our wedding day would be a great idea. In order to secure the date, we were required to pay a nearly $700  deposit in advance. 

Fast-forward, COVID-19 is prevalent in the entire country, all events and gatherings have been federally mandated to cease operations, no one is allowed to have any gathering personal or professional, which means all venues are shut down. At this time, we spoke with all of the vendors we had secured for our wedding and were advised to reschedule for another date in the future. We thought, COVID-19 won’t last THAT long will it? So we decided to reschedule all vendors including Classic Catering of Minnesota, the date we chose was nearly a year away. 

Continuing in the future again, it’s now only a couple months away from the wedding day, COVID-19 is still prevalent and the variety of mutated versions are continuing to wreak havoc in our country. Again, we contacted every one of our vendors and expressed our concerns with holding the wedding. At this time, all events and gatherings are still restricted to an extremely small number of attendees or not allowed all together. With this knowledge in hand, every vendor we spoke with authorized us to refund our deposits. All vendors acknowledged that they would also be unable to meet the expectations outlined in our contracts due to COVID-19. Now, that is of course with the exception of Classic Catering of Minnesota. The only option they would allow is to continue rescheduling indefinitely and cancelling repeatedly, which quite frankly feels like an impossible task to do with COVID-19. 

So I can’t personally speak for Classic Catering of Minnesota’s ability to fulfill their obligations, their overall quality, or anything else because at the original ‘rescheduled’ date of our event, restrictions were still in place and both Classic Catering of Minnesota / Myself would not have been allowed to hold the event. All I can speak for, is that they were prompt in their communications via e-mail.

I implore you to consider using another company or securing language in your contract that allows for a refund if an act of god or world wide pandemic occurs, otherwise you too could be out of $700.

So, in all honesty, I can’t recommend their services to anyone at this time. My personal experience and feelings towards this company are simple. I feel like they robbed me of $700 to secure a date which they would not have been able to uphold due to federal restrictions. I have literally nothing to show for it other than this review, an e-mail that basically says tough shit thanks for the money, and my continued word of mouth to everyone I know to avoid this company at all costs. 

I just wanted to share my experience, I did not see a profile for them on The Knot.

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