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Charges for a full-service wedding planner

I am hiring a full-service wedding planner. I plan to do basically nothing but make final decisions. Meaning I want her to source and vet all vendors, give me a few options to pick from, and then book them. I don't want to coordinate pretty much anything. I basically want to pick my dress, the flowers, and make final decisions on everything, and then show up and enjoy the party. Her full service plan costs $8000. I know that's a lot of money, but for my budget and lifestyle, it's not too much. (Plus she'll be helping to plan the rehearsal and bridal shower as well.) Additionally, I just literally have no interest in doing anything besides making final decisions, and she is going to save me HOURS and HOURS of work. All of that being said, I just got her quote, and it's $8000 plus a 18% service fee, which was explained sort of like a tip, and 6% tax, which in Pennsylvania, there's typically no tax on services. I'm confused- is that standard? I can't really find any information on service fees or taxes when it comes to a full-service wedding planner.

Re: Charges for a full-service wedding planner

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    When DD got married 6 years ago in Chicago she had a full service planner. The fee was close to what you quoted. There was no service fee included for the planner herself. There was a service fee for the caterer. I don't remember about taxes. If services aren't taxed in Pennsylvania, I would question that tax or at least do some research to see if it is truly legit.
  • I side-eye when business owners expect a "tip" for their services.  If she wants to charge $9,440 instead of $8K, then she should just charge $9,440.  But now you know what her real charge is, so take that into consideration.

    I also don't think there would be anything wrong with trying to negotiate, but she might choose not to work with you.

    I feel like most states don't charge a sales tax for services, but I'm not sure if that's really true or if most service businesses just roll it into the fee.  You can probably find online what is true for PA.  Maybe that's why part of her service is a "tip".  She's trying to save you on sales tax.  I'm joking but, yeah.
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