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Amazon Registry - Unknown Gift Giver

Hello all!

As we've been working on our thank you notes, we came across an issue that we don't know how to tactfully solve...

We received a gift bought off our Amazon Registry that was delivered to our house before the wedding. The gift was bulky and was delivered in the original item packaging, so there was no note inside the box. When we went through the Thank You list on Amazon, the only information listed for the person purchasing the gift is initials... No address, no tracking information, no name. 

No one who attended the wedding has the initials listed. I do have a relative that could be using her and her husband's combined initials, but it's kind of a stretch to assume it's them without any other information. Do I a) reach out to them asking for a thank you note address and try to verify that it's them that sent it; or b) just let it go and not worry about a gift without any identifiable information attached to it? 

I don't want to offend her by accidentally asking about a gift that she didn't send... but I really don't want to leave anyone off my thank you list if possible! 

Re: Amazon Registry - Unknown Gift Giver

  • Reach out to amazon customer service. If they aren't able to give you the purchaser's name, they should be able to at least confirm whether or not it's this relative. 

    You could also mention around to family that you've received a gift with no name. Someone may know who sent it.  
  • If the vendor was a third party you could also reach out to them for the information. This isn't an uncommon occurrence in my experience. My DD received a gift with no name and I have sent gifts that were to have a gift message attached but didn't.
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