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In suite reception Cosmo and restaurant recommendation


we’re due to get married in Vegas in October with around 10-15 guests. We’re looking at booking a Cosmo bungalow for a small gathering after the ceremony then probably a meal and back to the suite for an after party for those who want to carry on. 

A couple of questions if anyone has any insight;

1) for that small a number is it possible to just use an in-house restaurant to cater with some appetisers on room service rather than use the overpriced hotel catering?

2) how strict are Cosmo on the “no outside drinks” policy? Am I likely to be kicked out of my room if I break it? We’re looking to stay for 3 nights so I’d rather this didn’t happen!

3) does anyone have a recommendation for a nice Cosmo restaurant that has semi private dining for 10-15 people?

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