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Who should walk me down the aisle?!? I need advice

Hi! So I don’t know who I want to walk me down the aisle. My dad is in my life and I love him but my stepdad took care of me and paid for everything for me. I would love for both of them but my dads personality I think he won’t like that idea. I’m thinking about asking my grandfather to walk me down the aisle because I don’t know how much longer I have with him and I’m his first born grandchild. Please any advise will help

Re: Who should walk me down the aisle?!? I need advice

  • You could ask each of your dads to walk you part of the way, or you could ask one dad to walk you and the other for a spotlight dance, or some other combination. Just pick the option that works the best for your situation.
  • It's 100% your choice who walks you down the aisle, but I understand that sometimes family dynamics come into play.

    If you'd like your grandfather to walk you down the aisle anyway, that might be a good option to avoid the issue.

    You could also walk yourself down the aisle or you and your FI could walk down together.  Not as "traditional", but not uncommon either.
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