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Using stamp/printer(?) for return address to lower Minted cost—do these look terrible/other recs?

Hi all!

So in probably-terrible-financial-decisions, we're using Minted for all our paper products—and unfortunately they're not cheap, but they are gorgeous. One annoyingly high cost, though, is that they charge an additional $65(!) just to have your return address printed on the back of the envelope, and that cost is applied to every order—meaning we'd have to pay it for Save the Dates, Invitations, Thank You notes—everything! And that really adds up.

So with that in mind, I was thinking of possibly using the same font they use on the front of the envelope, and creating a custom stamp (something like this at Vistaprint or elsewhere). The stamp is <$10, which sounds awesome, but unfortunately they have pretty bad average reviews (2.3/5) (though there are some 5-star reviews, they're definitely outweighed by 1-star reviews.)

With that in mind, I'm pretty hesitant to go this route... but has anyone ever done this (maybe there's a better company?) or come up with any other solution? One thought I had that could be a lot better would be to just literally print the address using our regular printer (since it'll just be black, and I could customize the font/custom document size/placement, etc.), though it'd take some practice on a few extra envelopes and I'm not sure how well the envelopes would feed through the printer—so not even sure this is feasible.

Anyway, we're *just* about to order the Save the Dates (probably w/in next couple days!), so there's not really time to test-run these alternatives, so I'd really love to hear any thoughts on this before we go wasting so much on envelopes! ...That said, we could maybe just have them print it just for Save the Dates, and then find a different solution for later mailings.

In short, any thoughts on stamp/printer or other ideas? ...Thank you all so much, and hope everyone's new year is off to a great start!

Re: Using stamp/printer(?) for return address to lower Minted cost—do these look terrible/other recs?

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