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Handling Insufficient Postage for Square Envelopes?

Hi all,

A week after sending out our Save the Dates in square envelopes ... I realized this shape requires an $0.88 non-machinable stamp, not a $0.58 forever stamp. My question is whether or not I should go ahead and re-send them all with proper postage? (We have enough extra to do this). The person I spoke to at the post office said that a decent number may end up being delivered anyway, if the clerk sorting them/the carrier delivering them either doesn't notice or doesn't care. We heard from one friend in California (we're in Massachusetts) that theirs arrived just fine. That's the only person we've heard from who has received one so far.

I've read that some local clerks/carriers/post offices will attempt to collect the extra $0.30 due from the recipient instead of sending the letter back to the return address. At this point, it seems like this will be inevitable in some cases -- I'm just hoping it takes the form of a slip in their mailbox that they can ignore until I send them a new StD with the right stamp. 

So, has anyone else experienced this and have any advice? There's no way to know which guests will receive an StD, which will get a request for extra postage due, and which will get nothing -- it seems like it's at the discretion of local postal officials. Is it worth biting the bullet and re-addressing/re-sending the majority of the StDs now, or do you think it's likely that a decent portion will be successfully delivered? 

Re: Handling Insufficient Postage for Square Envelopes?

  • There's really no way to know unless you contact every person who should have received one.  If the USPS is going to need postage paid on delivery there won't be a slip in a mailbox with the envelope.  They will be required to issue cash on delivery or they won't it.  

    If it's important to you to ensure that all the guests who were on your STD list get one then send a second group and ensure that they have the extra postage.  Note - square envelopes will need extra postage and if you have multiple papers, enclosures you'll need additional postage for weight.  Your wedding invitations will likely require more than a standard stamp. 
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