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Do NOT Use Macy's

Hello all! I am here not to totally trash Macy's (though it's tempting), but to help you all avoid the amount of trouble we have had with them!  First, their entire registry site crashed for over a month - the month right before our shower nonetheless - and they did nothing to help accomodate us for that (it included all of our luggage). Next, the amount of items that went out of stock on our registry was absurd. It seems as though Macy's puts a ton of stuff on their website, despite whether or not they carry it regularly in stock. 
Now, post-wedding, we are trying to buy our luggage and the promised 20% off "newlywed discount" doesn't work when checking out. Truly, the only thing that has been nice about this Macy's experience was the fact that they accept returns easily. 
Crate & Barrel was a wonderful experience for us and our guests! I also do recommend Target! 

I hope this helps someone!!
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