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    VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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    Hey Mob...I wasn't the one who made the original comment that has offended you.

    Additionally, your retort?  Is exactly what I said in my 2nd one.  It is mass public shooting, which is different from actual mass shootings, in terms of what you're speaking about.

    And this is why I hate conversations like this.  No one wants to try and figure out their biases or educate themselves on the information necessary to make good decisions.  I set out quite a few years ago to do just that and found quite a few good liberal gun supporting blogs (most of which have gone defunct, b/c they were on Daily Kos).  ETA:  You have to do the work to see beyond the "this is a sweeping generalization" offense.  I mean, what it comes down to is 70 out of the 182 actually looks like this, so yeah, the statement that offended you, isn't really wrong:

    The hidden "but" is that this breakdown is similar to our population breakdown.
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    mrsconn23 said:
    I made the comment you’re all riled up about not @VarunaTT and I absolutely stand by it. This country would be a vastly safer place if white men didn’t have guns. 
    This country would actually be a vastly safer place if white men, especially the old, white ones, didn't have the power to be gatekeepers/rule makers on access to pretty much all the things.  They provide free access to certain things (guns) and restrict access on the resources that are sorely needed (pick something, anything).  I'm tired of them wondering why people are so angry when they literally do everything they can to make life harder. 
    Ditto to both of these statements. 
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    Also, just in general, white cishet men don't need anyone defending them.  They've got the majority (or plurality, however exact you need me to be) of the power in this country.  I don't defend that group for a thing.  
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