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Email Wedding Announcement + Livestream?

I recently had a small destination wedding in Las Vegas where I livestreamed with Lovecast (highly recommend!) and paid for the livestream to be available for a full year. I wasn't able to send out virtual invites to everyone on my list prior to the wedding (because pre-wedding chaos), so I'd like to send an email wedding announcement to coworkers/others I missed and include the link to the livestream recording. I've been searching everywhere for wording ideas but haven't found anything about post-wedding announcements with the livestream. Aside from the standard announcement stuff, here's what I was thinking of saying... thoughts?

Near or far, wherever you are,
share in our special day and watch when we said "We do"!

We are so blessed to have family and friends around the world, as well as the technology to bring us together and keep us connected. We would be honored if you checked out our livestream recording and signed our virtual guest book!
<insert link>

Re: Email Wedding Announcement + Livestream?

  • IDK but I wouldn't even look at a Livestream of someone's wedding unless I was super close to them much less watch it after the fact. Did you only do virtual invites to the people that were able to watch it live? I think I would just send real wedding announcements through the post. FWIW, my daughter had a good friend live stream their wedding and daughter didn't watch it. She was too busy the day of and really had no interest in viewing it.
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