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    @levioosa, I think one of the best ways for a cat(s)-dog introduction, is to put up something like a baby gate.  Where the pets are separated, but can still see and sniff each other.  Do that for at least a couple hours on the first meeting and see how the behaviors are.

    Edited to add:  Though keep in mind that cats can jump over a baby gate like it's nothing, lol.  But if they are scared or feel threatened, they at least have the option to stay away from the dog.
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  • We have turned our heat on to take the chill off in the mornings. I can't stand being cold in the morning. It just starts the day wrong.
    One thing I dislike about hardwood floors is the cold feet in the mornings even if the house is warm
    This is something interesting I've noticed by looking at real estate across the country.  Where I live, it's pretty common for the whole house to have hard flooring (tile or wood) and no carpeting.  Throw rugs, yes.  Wall to wall carpeting, no.

    But colder climates seem to almost always have carpeting, at least in the bedrooms.

    The houses here also rarely have heated floors in the bathrooms.  But I've always thought that would be awesome!  I've threatened my H that, if we ever replace the floors in our bathroom, we're doing heated flooring.  He rolls his eyes and says, "We live in New Orleans!  You want that for the few weeks of winter we get?"  Yes!  Yes I do.  And he's exaggerating that it's a few weeks.

    And then there is the occasional horrifying combo pic.  Carpeting in a bathroom (shudder).
    We just added heated flooring to our master bath when we renovated it! It is wonderful! It also heats up the room a bit. We have carpeting in our kids' former bedrooms and our basement. The entire first floor including our bedroom is either hardwood or tile (kitchen and bathroom). Oh and hard no to carpeting in bathroom!
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