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Thank You Card Advice

This is probably more of an etiquette board question - but I love you guys and you all give great advice so I am posting here instead.

We are 4 days away and have just received some wedding gifts from people who weren't invited to the wedding (2 of them being co-workers - 1 being a friend of my grandmas).  My question is do I send out a thank you card now?  Or wait since I intend to send out thank you cards with a pic of Me and FH once we get our photos.

I feel weird about it since these people were not invited to the wedding and definately didn't have to give us anything.  I am not even sure what to write - darn writers block! 

Any advice is appreciated!  Thanks!

Re: Thank You Card Advice

  • We got gifts from people not invited to the wedding (and it wasn't related to a shower) and I wrote their thank you's right away and used thank you cards different than those that will be used for gifts given to us at the wedding.
  • I had this happen to me this past Sunday at my church. I opened all of the gifts and began thank you cards right away. I am putting them in the mail this Friday, so they will get to people next week while we are on our HM. 

    You have like 2 months I think to get thank yous out, but I'm a fan of the sooner the better. We weren't going to do any cute pics of us or anything though. 

    How long will it take you to get your photos? I would ask for a proof or one editted image quicker than the others so that you can go ahead and get the thank you cards out, or use an older pic. 
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    I agree EM - the sooner the better!!!  I just figured that people would like to see a picture since they weren't there (especially grandmas friend - "how did she wear her hair? etc."). 
    As for how quickly I get my photos back - I am not sure.  I planned on ordering thank you cards from shutterfly when I got back from my honeymoon - 2nd week of May.  I would imagine I would have pics by then since I get the copyrights from my photographer.
  • rlavachrlavach member
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    Definitely write a thank you now. I had the same happen. I'm also going to get nice cards through VP with our wedding photo on it. Considering they aren't going to the wedding, they don't need a wedding photo, right? I used the same TY cards I used for my shower gifts. 

    I told my photog that I have a VP groupon that expires 1 month after the wedding (true), so I need at least that one photo before then. He is more than willing to do that. I've read that you have more than 2 months to send out wedding TYs, but I guess everyone feels differently.
  • I would send the thank-you's out right away. My friend's mom (who was not invited to the wedding) sent us a card with a check and I got so busy it was almost a full month before I sent a thank-you and I felt terrible! When my shower came, I wrote all of my thank-you's the following day, because I know with my schedule something will always come up so it's best just to get it done and over with! Maybe after the wedding you can send some pictures to grandma to show her friend? If the others are your coworkers, you could bring in some pictures to work for them to see if they're interested.

    As far as what to write, try something like:

    "Dear Giftgiver,

    Thank you so much for the picture frame! It was very thoughtful of you. We can't wait to frame some wedding & engagement pictures to display in our home! We hope to see you soon!


    Substitute the gift and what you plan to do with it.
  • Thanks for the great advice!!  I will send out Thank You's this week. 

    xos - great idea to bring in pics for the coworkers and give some to grandma to show her friend!Thanks soo much!
  • I've been doing thank-you's about the same way. Each time something comes in, I sit down and add it to my gift list keeper and send out the card. I think it's easier to keep up with that way and then you don't get overwhelmed with the amount you have to send. I'm sure it'll be different with the ones given at the wedding. We are leaving for honeymoon on Monday but I'm not going back to work until a couple of days after we get back. I plan on doing a lot of that kind of stuff then. 
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  • I just wrapped up the first batch of thank you cards to those people who have sent us gifts and they're going in the mail this week - our wedding is Saturday! I was thinking about doing a postcard-type thank you after the wedding, where we could have a picture of us on it. I'm okay with doing double thanks!

    As far as what to write - hands down this is the best advice I've ever seen. I use it all the time! http://www.themorningnews.org/article/how-to-write-a-thank-you-note
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