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Send new additions a save the date?

I am getting married in 3.5 months. I sent save the dates out about 9 months before my wedding date, but have not yet sent formal invitations. I planned on inviting a bunch of family who live overseas, and after talking to them it seems that almost all of them are not coming. In light of this, I have decided to invite some other extended family who were not on the original list. I know that I could send them an invitation to the wedding and no one would be the wiser.
However, I also would like to invite some of them to my bridal shower, which is being held 6 weeks prior to my wedding, and invites have already been sent out for it. 
Would it be strange to send a bridal shower invitation to those who have not received a save the date (and may not even know the wedding date/ location) prior to sending them a wedding invitation?
Should I send them a save the date asap, then send a shower invite, and send a wedding invite afterwards? (they would get them all within about a 6 week time span of each other)
or send those people their wedding invitation early and send a shower invite after that? 
What is the proper etiquette? 

Re: Send new additions a save the date?

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    You don't need to send an STD. They aren't necessary except for VIPs. I would send the invitations out at the regular time and the shower invite whenever the other invites are sent (they will assume they are invited to the wedding). Your website can be included on the shower invites since it would lead to registry (presumably). However, if these people didn't make your first list of invitees, I'm not sure they should be invited to the shower. Showers are suppose to be for people with whom you a very close.
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